Nebraska Notary Acknowledgement Forms

Nebraska notary acknowledgement forms consist of the individual, the corporation, the partnership, and the limited liability company notarial certificates. These certificates are attached to or included in legal documents so the person(s) who executed them can obtain notarization from a notary public. An acknowledgement is a type of notarization whereby a notarial officer verifies the identities of the signing parties and witnesses a verbal acknowledgement from each party claiming the signing of the document was done as their own free act and deed. Signatures needn’t be inscribed in the notary’s presence to obtain a notary acknowledgement. To complete this notarial act, the notary public must sign and seal the acknowledgement certificate.

Laws§ 64-206

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Nebraska Notary Acknowledgement – Corporation

To notarize a document signed by a representative, officer or agent of a corporation, a Nebraska corporation notary acknowledgement form must be presented to a notary public. The representative is required to personally appear before the notary public and hand …

Nebraska Notary Acknowledgement – Individual

A Nebraska individual notary acknowledgement is a form contained within a legal instrument that has been executed (signed) by a person acting in their own right. Not all documents require notarization, however, getting an acknowledgement form signed by a notary …

Nebraska Notary Acknowledgement – Partnership

A Nebraska partnership notary acknowledgement form is reserved for notarizing legal documents that have been executed and signed by a partner, agent or officer of a partnership. The partner, after signing the legal instrument, must personally appear before a notary …