North Carolina Notary Acknowledgement Forms

North Carolina notary acknowledgement forms, also known as notarial certificates, are mandated texts which must be attached to certain legal instruments in order for them to be properly notarized. Notary certificates are most often required in order to verify property transfers, such as deeds, living trusts, and wills. To obtain a notary acknowledgement, the signatory must personally bring the original document and notary certificate before a notary public and, in some cases, sign the document in the notary’s presence. The notary will need to identify the signatory or representative either by personal knowledge of them or by examining a piece of photo identification that displays their signature. The State requires that the notary public affix their official stamp or seal before the legal instrument will be deemed notarized.

Laws – § 10B-41 and § 10B-3

Verify a Notary Public –