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North Carolina Notary Acknowledgement – Attorney in Fact

The North Carolina notary acknowledgement for an attorney in fact is used when a document that has been signed by the principal’s attorney in fact requires notarial certification. For the representative to have their signature notarized, they must bring the signed document and notary acknowledgement form to a notary public. Furthermore, the attorney in fact will need to declare their authority to sign on the principal’s behalf and provide the date and location of the document’s signing (or sign it in the notary’s presence). To notarize the document, the notary will have to identify the representative, review the signature on the instrument, fill out and sign the acknowledgement form, and affix their official seal to it.

Laws – § 47-43




State of North Carolina }

County of ______________ }


I, _________________________, a Notary Public for ____________County, North Carolina, do hereby certify that ________________________, attorney in fact for _____________________, personally appeared before me this day, and being by me duly sworn, say that he/she executed the foregoing and annexed instrument for and in behalf of the said _____________________, and that his/her authority to execute and acknowledge said instrument is contained in an instrument duly executed, acknowledged and recorded in the office of _________________ in the County of _________________, State of _________________, on the _______ day of__________, 20______, and that this instrument was executed under and by virtue of the authority given by said instrument granting him/her power of attorney.


I do further certify that the said ___________________ acknowledged the due execution of the foregoing and annexed instrument for the purposed therein expressed for and in behalf of the said ____________________.


Witness my hand and official seal, this _____ day of _____________, 20___.

(Official Seal)


Official Signature of Notary


Notary’s Printed or Typed Name

Notary Public

My Commission Expires: ________________