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Kentucky Notary Acknowledgement – Partnership

The Kentucky partnership notary acknowledgement form is a notarial certificate included in (or attached to) a legal document requiring notarization. This particular acknowledgement form is reserved for signatories who are signing the document on behalf of a partnership by proper authority. The signer must make an acknowledgement to a notary public that they executed the instrument as the act of the partnership and did so under their own free will. After confirming the signatory’s identity, the notary public will complete the notarial certificate, and the document will then be considered notarized.

Laws§ 423.160




State of Kentucky
County of ________________

The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me on this ____ day of _____________ [month], _______ [year], by ________________________ [name of acknowledging partner or agent], partner (or agent) on behalf of ________________________ [name of partnership], a partnership.

[Signature of person taking acknowledgement]
[Title or rank]
[Serial number, if any]