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Kentucky Notary Acknowledgement – Representative

A Kentucky representative notary acknowledgement form is attached to or included in a document that has been executed and signed by a public officer, trustee, administrator, guardian, or other such representative. The representative must personally appear before a notary public and produce the original document and a piece of identification (unless the notary can personally recognize the individual). The representative will acknowledge that they did not sign the document under duress or coercion and, if the notary is satisfied with the acknowledgement, will sign the notarial certificate.

Laws§ 423.160




State of Kentucky
County of ________________

The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me on this ____ day of _____________ [month], _______ [year], by ________________________ [print name], ________________________ [print title of position].

[Signature of person taking acknowledgement]
[Title or rank]
[Serial number, if any]