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Illinois Notarial Certificate – Verification Upon Oath or Affirmation

The Illinois verification upon oath or affirmation, otherwise known as a “jurat,” is a document that a notary public will use to verify the statements recorded in an affidavit. The verification upon oath or affirmation form can only be executed if the individual making the statement appears before the notary public and produces sufficient proof of their identity. With the identity determined, the notary will ask the individual to swear to (or affirm) the truthfulness of the statements in the affidavit. The affidavit will be notarized, and the statements verified, upon completion of the certificate by the notary.

Laws – 5 ILCS 312/6-105 and 765 ILCS 30/7



State of Illinois
County of _________________


Signed and sworn (or affirmed) to before me on _________________ (Date) by ______________________________________ (Name of Person Making Statement).


______________________________________                                            (Seal)
Signature of Notary Public

Title or Rank

My Commission Expires: __________________