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Iowa Notary Acknowledgment – Individual

An Iowa individual notary acknowledgement is a frequently used notarial certificate. This form’s function is to notarize the signatures of an individual (or individuals) who have signed a legal document or agreement in their own capacity. The Iowa individual notary acknowledgement form, along with the document requiring notarization, must be presented to an Iowa notary public. The signatory (or signatories) must appear before the notary public with proper identification. Each signer must acknowledge that they have signed the document under their own free will and show proof of identity to the notary. Once the notary is satisfied with the identities and acknowledgements, they will they sign, date, and seal the acknowledgement form.

Laws§ 9B.16




State of Iowa
County of _________

This record was acknowledged before me on __________________ [date] by _____________________________ [Name(s) of individual(s)].

[Signature of notarial officer]
[Title of office]
My commission expires: _______________