Iowa Notary Acknowledgement Forms

An Iowa notary acknowledgement form is a certificate confirming that a notary public has verified the identities of all parties involved in the signing of a document, most commonly documents concerning valuable assets. An acknowledgment certificate requires the signatories to show proof of identification and acknowledge that the signature was inscribed under their own free will. In some cases, the signatories will be asked to sign the document in front of a notary public. Furthermore, when dealing with jurats, the signer must sign in front of the notary and affirm that the contents of the document in question are true.

Laws§ 9B.16

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Iowa Notary Acknowledgment – Individual

An Iowa individual notary acknowledgement is a frequently used notarial certificate. This form’s function is to notarize the signatures of an individual (or individuals) who have signed a legal document or agreement in their own capacity. The Iowa individual notary acknowledgement form, along with the document requiring notarization, must be …

Iowa Notary Acknowledgement – Representative

The Iowa representative notary acknowledgement form is reserved for a representative signing a document (typically a trust, estate, or similar deed) on behalf of the executor. Akin to the individual notary acknowledgement form, the representative acknowledgement form must accompany the …