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Alaska Notary Acknowledgement – Public Officer, Trustee, or Personal Representative

The Alaska notary acknowledgement for a public officer, trustee, or personal representative is a tool used by a notary public to confirm an individual’s signature on a document. A public officer, trustee, or personal representative must appear before the notary public and provide the acknowledgement form along with the item to be notarized. Personal identification may also be required. The notary public shall perform their duty by ensuring that the individual has given their signature freely and for the purposes stated in the document. The acknoweldgement form will then be completed and sealed by the notary public to finalize the notarization process.

Laws§ 09.63.100



State of Alaska

______________ Judicial District (or County of ______________)

(or Municipality of ______________)


The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this ______________ (date) by ______________ (name and title of position).



Signature of Person Taking Acknowledgement


Title or Rank


Serial Number, if any