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Alaska Notarial Certificate – Verification

The Alaska notarial certificate of verification is a record indicating that an individual has sworn an oath/affirmation before a notarial officer attesting to the truthfulness of a document. Any person attempting to verify a document must supply a notary public with both the verification form and the item requiring notarization. The notary must then confirm the individual’s identity before administering the oath/affirmation.

Laws – § 09.63.040



State of Alaska

______________ Judicial District (or County of ______________)

(or Municipality of ______________)


I ________________ say on oath or affirm that I have read the foregoing (or attached) document and believe all statements made in the document are true.



Subscribed and sworn to or affirmed before me at ______________ on ______________ (date).



Signature of Officer


Title of Officer


Serial Number, if any

My Commission Expires: ______________