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West Virginia Notary Acknowledgement – Individual

West Virginia Notary Acknowledgement form for an Individual is used to allow a notary to prove that an acknowledgement has taken place in their presence by a signatory of a legal document. The document in question should be brought before the notary public previously signed and the signatory will be required to identify themselves to the officer. Once they’ve acknowledged that the signature on the document is theirs, that it was provided without coercion, and that it was inscribed for the purposes set out in the legal document, the notarial officer will complete the West Virginia notary acknowledgement form.

Laws – §39-4-1


State of West Virginia
County of ___________

This record was acknowledged before me on ________ [Date] by ____________________ [Name(s) of individual(s)].

Signature of Notarial Officer


Title of Office
My commission expires:__________