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West Virginia Notary Acknowledgement – Representative

West Virginia Notary Acknowledgement for a Representative can be used to notarize a signature made by any individual operating in a representational capacity to a principal individual or business entity. A certified notary public will be required to complete the acknowledgement form with the date of the notarization, the name of the individual, the type of authority they hold, and the name of the party they are representing. All this can be accomplished after the signatory declares that the signature on the legal instrument belongs to them and that it was provided for the purposes relayed in the legal document.

Laws – §39-4-1


State of West Virginia
County of ___________

This record was acknowledged before me on _______ [Date] by__________________ [Name(s) of individual(s)] as____________ [Type of Authority, such as Officer or Trustee] of _____________ [Name of Party on Behalf of Whom Record was Executed].

Signature of Notarial Officer


Title of Office
My commission expires:__________