Wisconsin Notary Acknowledgement Forms

The Wisconsin Notary Acknowledgement forms are instruments used by notaries public within the state of Wisconsin to validate signatures found on legal documents. The signatory will be required to supply a notary public with the original signed document and a notary acknowledgement form appropriate to the circumstance. The notary will review the unnotarized legal document, confirm the individual’s identity, and have the individual declare that the signature on the legal document belongs to them and was made under their own free will. After these steps are complete, the notary will fill out the acknowledgement form and provide their official stamp or seal. A verification of oath or affirmation (linked below) is another notarial certificate designed to authenticate the truthfulness of a statement within a document as opposed to validate a signature.

Laws – § 137.01 

Verify a Notary Public – https://www.wdfi.org/