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Wisconsin Notary Acknowledgement – Representative

The Wisconsin Representative Notary Acknowledgement forms are documents employed by a notarial officer when they’ve witnessed the acknowledgement of a signature made by an individual acting in a representative capacity to a principal or business entity. The document, once completed, indicates that the signatory had the authority to execute the instrument, did so for the purposes relayed therein, and that they were identified by the notary as the person who signed the form.

Laws –  § 137.01


State of Wisconsin
County of ___________

This instrument was acknowledged before me on ________ [Date] by __________ [Name(s) of Person(s)] as _________________ [Type of Authority, e.g., officer, trustee, etc.] of ______________ [Name of Party on Behalf of whom the Instrument was Executed].

Signature of Notarial Officer

(Seal, if any)

Title (and Rank)
My commission expires:__________