Washington Notary Acknowledgement Forms

The Washington Notary Acknowledgement forms are documents used to prove the validity of a signature on a legal document. An acknowledgement indicates that an already signed document was placed in front of a notary public and the signer stated that their signature was given as an act of their own free will and for the purposes stated in the document. The verification upon oath or affirmation document implies that the signer appeared before the notarial officer with the legal instrument unsigned. They will need to take an oath or affirmation and sign the document in the notary’s presence. In all cases, the signer must be identified as the individual who executed the document.

Laws – §42.44  Notaries public.

Verify a Notary  https://fortress.wa.gov/

Washington Notary Acknowledgement – Individual

The Washington Individual Notary Acknowledgement form is a document used to prove that a signature on a legal instrument is legitimate. It is necessary that the individual seeking notarization present themselves before the notarial officer, prove their identity, and state that they …