South Carolina Notarial Certificate – Jurat Statement

The South Carolina Jurat Statement is a notarial certificate which serves as evidence that an oath or affirmation was administered prior to the signing of a legal instrument by the principal. An oath is a vow made by an individual invoking a deity or using the word “swear.” This act has the legal equivalent to an affirmation, which is a vow of truthfulness made without invoking a deity but instead based on the honor of the individual. Either an oath or affirmation must be made in the presence of the notary to certify the authenticity of the legal instrument in question and to notarize the principal’s signature. The jurat statement will be completed once the oath or affirmation has taken place and the signature has been inscribed on the document in the presence of the notary public.

Laws SC Code § 26-3-20 (2014)





State of _____________


County of ___________


Sworn and Subscribed before me

On this ____ day of ________________ (Month), ________(Year)



Notary Public for South Carolina

Commission Expires: _______________