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South Carolina Notarial Certificate – Affidavit for Certification of Photocopies

The South Carolina Affidavit for Certification of Photocopies is a sworn statement made by an affiant, the document holder, which attests to the authenticity of the photocopies of an original document. Under oath or affirmation, the document holder will be required to complete the first section of the affidavit by supplying the date, their name. the number of pages, and their signature. Their completion of this form will be witnessed by a notary public who will furnish the affidavit with their signature and seal.

Laws SC Code § 26-3-20 (2014)




State of _____________

County of ___________


On this _______ day of ___________, 20_____, I, ______________ (Document Holder) holder of _______________(Name of Document), consisting of ______ (Number of Pages) pages, attest that it is a true, exact, complete and unaltered photocopy of the original. To the best of my knowledge and belief, the photocopied document is not a public record, of which certified copies are available from an official source.



Document Holder’s Signature


Sworn to (or affirmed) and subscribed before me this the ____ day of ________, 20_____.



Official Signature of Notary

(Official Seal)                                                                 ____________________, Notary Public

                                                                                  (Notary’s printed or typed name)

My commission expires: _____________