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South Carolina Notary Acknowledgement – Corporation

The South Carolina Notary Acknowledgement for a Corporation is a certificate that can be attached to, or included in, a corporation’s legal instrument to authenticate the signatures located therein. Any corporate document requiring notarial acknowledgement must be brought in front of a notary public by the representative(s) of the corporation who signed and completed the initial instrument. The notary will identify the signatory(ies), witness their signing of the legal instrument, and complete the notary acknowledgement form. The term “acknowledged before me” in the notarial certificate implies that the agent or officer of the corporation held the position as described within the instrument and certificate, and that they signed on proper authority.

Laws – SC Code § 26-3-70 (2017)





State of _____________

County of ___________


The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this _______ (Date) by_________ (Name of Officer or Agent) of _____________ (Name of Corporation Acknowledging) a _____________ (State or Place of Incorporation) corporation, on behalf of the corporation.



(Signature of Person Taking Acknowledgment)

(Seal)                                                                                                                                                                                             ______________________________________

(Title or Rank)


(Serial Number, if any)