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New Jersey Notary Acknowledgement – Proof of Execution

The New Jersey notary acknowledgement for proof of execution is a notarial certificate that confirms the identity of the “subscribing witness” for a legal document. A subscribing witness can either be an individual who acts as a witness to the signing of a document or it can be the person who assists a person who is physically incapable of signing to sign (or mark with an “X”) a legal instrument that is in their (the disabled person’s) name. A second witness (credible witness) may also be required to confirm the identity of the subscribing witness. This form must be signed by a notary public in order to be valid. Once the subscribing witness has proven their identity to the notary public and sworn that they witnessed the signing of the legal instrument, the notary will complete and sign the “proof of execution” form.

Laws – §46:14-2.1(b)




State of New Jersey        )

County of ___________, )


On _________, 20_____ before me, ________________________ , Notary Public in and for said county, personally appeared _______________________, [subscribing witness(es)] personally known to me or proved to me on the oath of ________________________ [credible witness], to be the person(s) whose name(s) is/are subscribed on the attached document as witness(es) thereto, and who, being duly sworn by me, says that he/she saw ______________________, [signer’s name] sign the attached document, and that said affiant(s) subscribed his/her name(s) to the attached document at the request of _____________________ [signer’s name].

(Affix Notary Stamp Here)


Notary Public Signature

My Commission Expires:______________