New Jersey Notary Acknowledgement Forms

New Jersey notary acknowledgement forms are notorial certificates that attest to the validity of an individual’s identity and signature. A notary acknowledgement is most often required for legal instruments which involve property transfers or the granting of legal powers (deeds, power of attorney forms, wills, etc.). To obtain certification of a document or affidavit, the signer must bring a signed copy to a notary public and identify themselves by presenting photo ID. If the notary knows the signer personally, the signer does not need to show any identification. Unlike most states, New Jersey does not require notaries to use an notary stamp or seal. Instead, notaries only need to clearly write their name, county, notary license expiry date, and signature on the acknowledgement form.

Laws –§46:14-2.1 and §52:7-19

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New Jersey Individual Notary Acknowledgement Form

The New Jersey individual notary acknowledgement form is a document used by a notary public to provide the notarization required for certain legal instruments that an individual is signing on their own behalf. Examples include a deed, property transfer, and …

New Jersey Notary Certificate – Affidavit

The New Jersey notary certificate for an affidavit is used to obtain notary certification for an affidavit, whether it be an oath of affirmation. The purpose of the affidavit is for the signer (affiant) to make a written statement and swear an oath …