North Dakota Notary Acknowledgement Forms

North Dakota notary acknowledgement forms are certificates that are used to validate the signature(s) on legal instruments which require notarization. To obtain this certification, the signatory must personally appear before a notary public with the signed instrument and declare that they executed and signed the document of their own accord. The notary must confirm the individual’s identity, either by knowing them personally, by examining two (2) or more pieces of identification that display their signature and likeness, or by having a credible witness testify on the signer’s behalf. Once these steps have been executed, the notary may fill out the notary acknowledgement form. The notary’s official signature and stamp or seal must be affixed to the notarial certificate in order for it to be valid.

Laws – § 44-06.1, § 47-19.27, and § 44-06.1-19

Verify a Notary Public –