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Michigan Notary Acknowledgement – Limited Liability Company

A Michigan LLC notary acknowledgement form is a certificate that, when signed by a notary and attached to a legal instrument, officially notarizes the instrument. The signer, a representative of the company, must appear before a notary public with the signed document. The representative must provide proof of identity and make a verbal acknowledgement affirming their signature was not inscribed while under duress or coercion from a third party. It is the notary’s duty to complete the acknowledgement form attached to the document after these proceedings.

Laws§ 565.267



State of Michigan
County of ________________

The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me on this ___________________ [date] by ______________________ [name of member acknowledging], member of ______________________ [name of limited liability company], a Michigan limited liability company, for the company.

Notary Public Signature: ______________________
Notary Printed Name: ________________________
Acting in the County of: _______________________
My Commission Expires: ______________________