Massachusetts Notary Acknowledgement Forms

Massachusetts notary acknowledgement forms are notarial certificates attached to legal documents that validate the signatures inscribed therein. Some of a notary public’s duties include taking acknowledgements, administering oaths/affirmations, witnessing signatures, and certifying copies of documents; each duty is associated with a different form. To get a document notarized, the instrument requiring notarization must be presented to the notary public (with the appropriate notarial certificate attached thereto), with each signing party appearing before the notary. Notarization is complete once the notary fills out the certificate, and inscribes their signature and affixes their seal thereon.

Laws§ 222:15

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Massachusetts Notary Acknowledgement

This Massachusetts notary acknowledgement form is applicable to all documents signed by any type of signatory; partner, corporation, attorney in fact, or any other person or representative. This notarial certificate must be included in or attached...
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