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Louisiana Notary Acknowledgement – Individual

A Louisiana notary acknowledgement for an individual is a notarial certificate attached to or included in a legal document requiring notarization. An acknowledgement is a declaration made by the signing party(ies) claiming they signed the document without influence or coercion from a third party. A notary public is tasked with taking (hearing) said declaration(s) and reviewing each signer’s identification. The document is officially notarized once the notary has completed each field on the acknowledgement form.

Laws§ 35:511




State of Louisiana
Parish of ________________

On this ____ day of _____________, 20___, before me personally appeared ________________________ [name(s) of person(s) acknowledged], to me known to be the person (or persons) described in and who executed the foregoing instrument, and acknowledged that he (or they) executed it as his (or their) free act and deed.

[Signature of notarial officer]
[Title (and Rank)]
Notary ID Number: ________, or
Attorney Bar Roll Number: ________