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Louisiana Notary Acknowledgement – Attorney in Fact

The Louisiana attorney in fact notary acknowledgement form is applicable to documents (real estate deeds, trust agreements, etc.) signed by an attorney in fact who is executing the document on behalf of the principal (person who benefits from the instrument). The attorney must present the document to a notary public with the Louisiana attorney notary acknowledgement attached thereto or included therein. The notary will ask for identification, unless they can personally identify the attorney. A declaration must be made by the attorney attesting to the authenticity of their signature and assuring the notary that they signed the document under their own free act and deed. The notary public will complete the acknowledgement form once these duties have been performed.

Laws§ 35:511




State of Louisiana
Parish of ________________

On this ____ day of _____________, 20___, before me personally appeared ________________________ [name of attorney], to me known to be the person who executed the foregoing instrument in behalf of ________________________ [name of principal], and acknowledged that he executed it as his free act and deed.

[Signature of notarial officer]
[Title (and Rank)]
Notary ID Number: ________, or
Attorney Bar Roll Number: ________