Louisiana Notary Acknowledgement Forms

Louisiana notary acknowledgement forms are certificates completed by a notary public that endorse signatures inscribed on a legal document, such as a trust agreement, power of attorney, or real estate deed, and the like. Notary acknowledgements do not reflect the accuracy of the actual document, but simply certify the authenticity of the signatures therein. Some types of forms require the signatories to sign the document in the notary public’s presence (jurats), while others permit the signing of the document prior to presenting it to the notary (acknowledgements). In almost all cases, the notary will ask that each signing party show proof of identification, unless they know the individual personally. Acknowledgements demand that a declaration be made by each signatory stating that they did in fact inscribe their signature on the document and that they did so under their own free will. The notary public will fill out the appropriate acknowledgement form to complete the notarization process.

Laws§ 35:511

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Louisiana Notary Acknowledgement – Individual

A Louisiana notary acknowledgement for an individual is a notarial certificate attached to or included in a legal document requiring notarization. An acknowledgement is a declaration made by the signing party(ies) claiming they signed the document without influence or coercion from …