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Hawaii Notary Acknowledgement – Individual

The Hawaii notary acknowledgement for an individual is a legal document proving that a notary public has affirmed the authenticity of someone’s signature. An individual seeking proof of notary acknowledgement must personally appear before a notary public and confirm their identity; the notary may not execute the acknowledgement certificate if the individual is not personally known to the notary or cannot produce adequate evidence of their identity. After the person has been identified, the notary will take the acknowledgement statement (a declaration by the individual that the signature is theirs and that it was given willfully). The notary will finalize the notarial process by filling in the acknowledgement form, inscribing their signature, and placing their official seal on the applicable area of the certificate.

Laws – § 502-41



State of Hawaii
County of ___________________ SS.


On this _____ day of ___________________, 20_____, before me personally appeared ___________________, to me known to be the person (or persons) described in and who executed the foregoing instrument, and acknowledged that he/she/they executed the same as his/her/their free act and deed.


Description of Document: _________________________________
Date of Document: ________
No. of Pages: _________


_________________________________                                          (Seal)
Signature of Notary Public

Printed Name of Notary Public

Commission Expiration Date: _________