Hawaii Notary Acknowledgement Forms

The Hawaii notary acknowledgement forms are documents declaring that a signature is valid and that the signer gave it as an act of free will. All acknowledgement certificates are to be completed by a notary public in the presence of the individual appearing before them. The notary must ensure that the signing party has been identified either through personal knowledge of the individual or by review of a satisfactory form of identification. After the identity has been established, the individual will verbally acknowledge the signature to assure the notary that it was their free act and deed. The notary public may then execute the acknowledgement certificate to officially verify the signature.

Laws – § 502-41

Verify a Notary Public https://notary.ehawaii.gov/notary/public/publicsearch.html

Hawaii Notary Acknowledgement – Individual

The Hawaii notary acknowledgement for an individual is a legal document proving that a notary public has affirmed the authenticity of someone’s signature. An individual seeking proof of notary acknowledgement must personally appear before a notary public and...
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