Delaware Notary Acknowledgement Form

The Delaware notary acknowledgement forms are certificates used by a notary public to affirm that a signature is genuine and that the signed instrument was executed for the purposes stated therein. The process of “acknowledgement” begins when an individual appears before a notary public and establishes their identity through a sufficient form of identification. The individual then confirms that the signature is theirs and that it was provided wilfully. In doing so, the notary is assured that the signature has not been forged or wrongfully applied. The acknowledgement will be completed upon the notary filling out the acknowledgement certificate and providing their official seal.

Laws – § 4328

Verify a Notary Public –

Delaware Notary Acknowledgement – Individual

The Delaware notary acknowledgement for an individual is a certificate verifying the legitimacy of a signature. A notary public will act as a third-party witness to the statement of “acknowledgement” made by the signatory (a declaration that the signature is theirs and …

Delaware Notary Acknowledgement – Representative

The Delaware notary acknowledgement for a representative is used when a notary public authenticates an individual’s signature. It states that a “representative” (someone with authorization to act on behalf of another individual or entity) had appeared before a notary public and affirmed …