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Delaware Notary Acknowledgement – Representative

The Delaware notary acknowledgement for a representative is used when a notary public authenticates an individual’s signature. It states that a “representative” (someone with authorization to act on behalf of another individual or entity) had appeared before a notary public and affirmed that the signed document contains their signature. The notary may ask the individual to provide evidence of their identity as well as proof of their representative capacity.

Laws – § 4328



State of Delaware
County of _________________


This instrument was acknowledged before me on _________________ (date) by ____________________________ (name(s) of person(s)) as _________________ (type of authority, e.g., officer, trustee, etc.) of _________________ (name of party on behalf of whom the instrument was executed).


____________________________                                               (Seal)

Signature of Notarial Officer


Title and Rank

My Commission Expires: __________________