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Alabama Notary Acknowledgement – Corporation

The Alabama notary corporation acknowledgement form allows an officer of an entity the ability to sign on its behalf. The officer may be required to prove such power, via corporate bylaws or an operating agreement, that they hold the necessary authority to sign. Typically, the title must be President, Vice President, or an Authorized Principal. In addition, the individual must be stated in the original articles or a recent annual report filed with the State.

Laws§ 35-4-29




State of Alabama }

County of ______________ }


I, ______________ [Notary Public’s Name], a ______________ [Style of Officer] in and for said County in said State, hereby certify that ______________ [Individual’s Name] whose name as ______________ [Title] of the ______________ [Corporation’s Name], a corporation, is signed to the foregoing conveyance, and who is known to me, acknowledged before me on this day that, being informed of the contents of the conveyance, he, as such officer and with full authority, executed the same voluntarily for and as the act of said corporation.

Given under my hand this ___ day of ______________, 20___.



Notary Public