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South Dakota Notary Acknowledgement Form – Attorney

The South Dakota Attorney Notary Acknowledgement form is used to acknowledge the identity and signature of an attorney-in-fact signing in a representational capacity to the principal. The completed form indicates, once the seal has been administered, that the attorney’s signature is legally viable and that they officially represent the principal. It will be necessary for the attorney to prove to the notary public through a power of attorney document that they indeed have the authority to sign on the principal’s behalf. Furthermore, the attorney-in-fact’s identity must be confirmed upon arrival while that of the principal needn’t be proven.

Laws – SD Codified L § 18-5-10




State of South Dakota

County of ___________


On this ____ day of _________, 20______ [Day/Month/Year], before me, ___________ [Name of Officer], the undersigned officer, personally appeared ________________ [Name of Attorney] known to me or satisfactorily proven to be the person whose name is subscribed as attorney in fact for _____________ [Name of Principal], and acknowledged that he/she executed the same as the act of his/her principal for the purposes therein contained.

In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand and official seal.



                                                                                                                    (Title of officer)

My commission expires:__________