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South Carolina Notarial Certificate – Verification

South Carolina Verification is a notarial act in which a subscribing witness appears before a notary public, identifies themselves to the officer (if the notary has no previous knowledge of their identity), and takes an oath or affirmation testifying that they either witnessed the principal’s signing of the unnotarized instrument or they received acknowledgement of the principal’s signature. The notarial certificate will have to be completed, signed, and sealed by the notary public before being attached to the document.

Laws SC Code § 26-3-20 (2014)





State of _____________

County of ___________


I certify that ______________________ (Name of Subscribing Witness) personally appeared before me this day and certified to me under oath or by affirmation that he or she is not a grantee or beneficiary of the transaction, signed the foregoing document as a subscribing witness, and either


[  ] witnessed ______________________ (Name of Principal) sign the foregoing document


[  ] witnessed ______________________ (Name of Principal) acknowledge his or her signature on the already-signed document.


Date: _________________


Official Signature of Notary

(Official Seal)                                                                 ____________________, Notary Public

                                                                     (Notary’s printed or typed name)

My commission expires: ____________