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Rhode Island Notary Acknowledgement – Partnership

The Rhode Island notary acknowledgement for a partnership is a certificate that a notary public must fill out in order to notarize the signature of an individual who has executed a legal instrument on behalf of a partnership. The signer must be a partner for the partnership that they are representing. Furthermore, the notary public must be able to identify the individual and verify their signature. If the notary is not familiar with the signer, they must examine at least one (1) piece of photo ID that displays the signer’s likeness and signature. Once the notary has confirmed that everything is in order, they may notarize the representative’s signature by completing the acknowledgement form.

Laws – § 34-12-1 (also see page seventeen (17) of Rhode Island General Laws)




State of Rhode Island             }

County of ______________   }


On this ____ day of ___________, 20__, before me, the undersigned notary public, personally appeared _____________________________ [Name of Document Signer], personally known to the notary or proved to the notary through satisfactory evidence of identification, which was ____________________________ [Type of Identification], to be the person whose name is signed on the preceding or attached document, and acknowledged to the notary that he or she signed it voluntarily for its stated purpose as partner for _____________________________ [Name of Partnership], a partnership.


Official signature of notary

Printed or typed name of notary