New York Notary Acknowledgement Forms

New York notary acknowledgement forms, also known as “notary certificates,” are documents which contain the notarial language that State laws require for the notarization of a legal instrument. These notary acknowledgements are most often needed for transfers of real property, such as deeds, wills, living trusts, and the like. The purpose of a notarial certificate is to provide an official verification of a legal instrument and its signer’s identity. A document that requires notarization is not valid or active until a notary public has identified the signer, viewed the signed document, and provided their signature, office title, and county name. Unlike most other states, New York law does not require notary publics to affix an official stamp or seal to a notarial certificate when notarizing legal instruments.

Laws – § 137, § 309, and § 309A

Verify a Notary Public –