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Nevada Notary Acknowledgement – Power of Attorney

The Nevada notary acknowledgement for power of attorney is the accepted format with which a notary can verify the identity and authority of an individual who has been given power of attorney to sign on behalf of another individual or entity. Notary acknowledgements are most often required for documents including property transfers, deeds, living trusts, and wills. After confirming the signer’s identity, the notary public will furnish the acknowledgement form with their notary seal, title, and rank.

Laws – NRS Chapter 240.1667




State of Nevada }

County of ____________ }

This instrument was acknowledged before me on __________________ [date] by ____________________ [name of person holding power of attorney] as attorney-in-fact for ____________________ [name of principal/person whose name is in the document].



Signature of notarial officer


Title (and Rank)