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Montana Notary Acknowledgement – Individual

A Montana individual notary acknowledgement form is a notarial certificate reserved for legal documents that have been executed by a person acting in their own right. After the individual has inscribed their signature on the document, they must attach or include this notarial certificate to said document. The document can then be presented to a notary public, who will verify the signatory’s identity. The signing party shall make a verbal declaration (acknowledgement) stating that they signed the document as their own free act and deed. The notary will sign and stamp the individual acknowledgement form once these duties have been carried out.

Laws§ 1-5-610



State of Montana
County of ________________

This record was acknowledged before me on ________________ [Date] by ________________________ [Name(s) of Individual(s)].

[Signature of Notarial Officer]
[Title of Officer (if not shown in stamp)]


[Official Stamp]