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Montana Notarial Certificate – Verification Upon Oath or Affirmation

The Montana verification upon oath or affirmation certificate is a form used when a notary performs a jurat, the most secure type of notarial act. This notary form is used when a particular legal instrument, typically affidavits, require a sworn statement from the signatory attesting to the truthfulness of the document’s contents. The signatory must appear before a notary public with the legal document (notary form attached) and witnesses the verbal oath or affirmation. After the oath/affirmation has been made, the signatory must sign the document in the notary’s presence. Although they have the same legal effects (promising that the contents of a document are true), an oath is a pledge to a divine being whereas an affirmation is a pledge on one’s personal honor. The notary completes the verification process by inscribing their signature and stamping their seal on the certificate.

Laws§ 1-5-610



State of Montana
County of ________________

This record was signed and sworn to (or affirmed) before me on ________________ [Date] by ______________________ [Name(s) of Individual(s)].

[Signature of Notarial Officer]
[Title of Officer (if not shown in stamp)]


[Official Stamp]