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Missouri Notary Acknowledgement – Corporation

A Missouri corporation notary acknowledgement is a form attached to a legal document that has been signed by an officer, agent or representative of a corporation. This signed instrument can then be presented to a notary public for notarization. The officer (signatory) must personally appear before the notary public and provide proof of identity. The notary will ask that the signer make a verbal declaration acknowledging the fact that they signed this document as their own free act and deed. The notary public will inscribe their signature and affix their seal on the notary acknowledgement form once they have completed these notarial duties.

Laws§ 442.210



State of Missouri
County and or City of ________________

On this ____ day of ________________ in the year _____ before me, ______________________ [Name of Notary], a Notary Public in and for said state, personally appeared ______________________ [Name of Officer], ______________________ [Title of Officer] of ______________________ [Name of Corporation], known to me to be the person who executed the within ______________________  [Type of Document] in behalf of said corporation and acknowledged to me that he or she executed the same for the purposes therein stated.

[Notary Public]