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Florida Notarial Certificate – Jurat

The Florida jurat is a notarial certificate completed by a notary public upon the oath or affirmation of an individual confirming the accuracy of an affidavit.  The certificate states that the person appeared before the notary public and swore to (or affirmed) the truthfulness of facts stated in the affidavit. Apart from administering the oath or affirmation, the notary’s duties include confirming the identity of the individual and witnessing the signature. With the affidavit signed and sworn to (or affirmed), the notary may execute the jurat to notarize the affidavit.

Laws – § 117.05



COUNTY OF _________________


Sworn to (or affirmed) and subscribed before me this ____ day of _________________, 20____, by _________________ (Name of Person Making Statement).


Signature of Notary Public

Print, Type or Stamp Name of Notary

Personally Known: ____
OR Produced Identification: ____
Type of Identification Produced: _________________