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California Notarial Certificate – Proof of Execution by Subscribing Witness

The California notarial certificate (proof of execution by subscribing witness) is used when a principal individual has signed a document but is unable to acknowledge (confirm) the signature before a notary public. Another individual, referred to as the “subscribing witness,” may visit the notary and acknowledge the signature on the principal’s behalf. The subscribing witness must prove their identity to the notary by showing a valid form of identification. The subscribing witness must also present an oath or affirmation from a credible witness who knows both the subscribing witness and the notary public.

Laws – § 1195



A notary public or other officer completing this certificate verifies only the identity of the individual who signed the document to which this certificate is attached, and not the truthfulness, accuracy, or validity of that document.


State of California
County of ______________


On ______________ (date), before me, ___________________________, the undersigned, a notary public for the State, personally appeared ___________________________ (name of subscribing witness), proved to me to be the person whose name is subscribed to the within instrument, as a witness thereto, on the oath of ___________________________ (name of credible witness), a credible witness who is known to me and provided a satisfactory identifying document. ___________________________ (name of subscribing witness), being by me duly sworn, said that he/she was present and saw/heard ___________________________ (name[s] of principal[s]), the same person(s) described in and whose name(s) is/are subscribed to the within or attached instrument in his/her/their authorized capacity(ies) as (a) party(ies) thereto, execute or acknowledge executing the same, and that said affiant subscribed his/her name to the within or attached instrument as a witness at the request of ___________________________ (name[s] of principal[s]).


I certify under PENALTY OF PERJURY under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing paragraph is true and correct.


WITNESS my hand and official seal.


Signature ___________________________.         (Seal)