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Alaska Notarial Certificate – Copy Certification by Document Custodian

The Alaska notarial certificate for copy certification by a document custodian indicates that the reproduction of an original document is true and correct. Unlike some states, notaries in Alaska are not permitted to certify documents or photocopies themselves. To bypass this limitation, anyone other than a licensed notary public may certify the copy by swearing or affirming to the truthfulness of its contents. The duty of the notary public is to simply notarize the signature provided by the document custodian (i.e., person making the certification).

Laws – § 09.63.100



State of Alaska

______________ Judicial District (or County of ______________)

(or Municipality of ______________)


I, ______________ (name of custodian of original document), hereby swear (or affirm) that the attached reproduction of _____________ (description of original document with number of pages), is a true, correct and complete photocopy of a document in my possession.


                                                                                           Signature and address of custodian of original document

Subscribed and sworn to before me this ______ day of _____________ in the year ______.



Signature of Officer


Title of Officer


Serial Number, if any

My Commission Expires: ______________