Vermont Notary Acknowledgement Forms

The Vermont Notary Acknowledgement form and jurat are documents used to notarize legal instruments executed in the state of Vermont. The process of acknowledgement requires that a signer presents themselves before a notary public with a signed instrument in hand and a notary acknowledgment form at the ready. They’ll need to prove their identity to the officer, and state that the signature on the document is theirs and provided for the purposes stated in the document without any coercion from a third party. The notary will then complete the acknowledgement form and sign where indicated (the requirement of a notary to use an official seal was repealed by Vermont legislature in 1984). A jurat differs in that the document requiring notarization must be presented unsigned. The individual will then sign in the notary’s presence swearing that the contents of the document are true, as opposed to the signature.

Laws – 24 V.S.A. § 441 – 24 V.S.A. § 446

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Vermont Notary Acknowledgement – General

A Vermont Notary Acknowledgement form is used to validate the signature on a legal document executed in the state of Vermont. The document requiring notarization and the individual who completed it must be presented before a notary public. The notary will …