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Oregon Individual Notary Acknowledgement

The Oregon individual notary acknowledgement is commonly used to notarize the signature of an individual who has signed a property transfer, business agreement, vehicle title, living trust, or other legal instrument in their own name. This notarial certificate should be attached to the signed instrument requiring notarization and brought by the signer to a notary public. If they do not know the notary, the signatory will need to present photo identification that displays their signature. Once the subject has acknowledged their signature, the notary has viewed the signed document, and the signer’s identity has been confirmed, the notary can fill out and stamp the notary acknowledgement form.

Laws – § 194.280 and § 194.285(1)



State of Oregon                    }

County of ______________ }


This record was acknowledged before me on _______________________ [Date], 20___ [Year]  by __________________________________________ [Name(s) of Individual(s)].


(Official Stamp)

Signature of Notarial Officer

Printed or typed name of Notarial Officer

Notary Public – State of Oregon

My commission expires: __________________


Document Description 

This certificate is attached to page ____ of a ________________________ [Title or Type of Document], dated _____________, 20 ___ , consisting of _______ pages.