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Nevada Notary Acknowledgement of Credible Witness

The Nevada notary acknowledgement of credible witness form is often used when the signer of a legal document cannot supply sufficient ID, and therefore provides a person who can vouch for their identity. An individual who knows the signer must appear when the legal document is being notarized and then swear to the notary that the signer’s identity is authentic. Once the witness has sworn that the signer is who they say they are, the acknowledgement of credible witness form can be completed by the notary public.

Laws – NRS Chapter 240.169




State of Nevada }

County of ____________ }

This instrument was acknowledged before me on __________ [date] by ___________________ [name of person] who personally appeared before me and whose identity I verified upon the oath of ____________________ [name of credible witness], a credible witness personally known to me and to the person who acknowledged this instrument before me.



Signature of notarial officer


Title (and Rank)