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Kansas Notary Acknowledgement – Representative

A Kansas representative notary acknowledgement form is used when the individual signing the document is signing on someone else’s behalf. The signer is typically the persons’s attorney or guardian, or a representative of a corporation, partnership or trust; however, State law does not require them to show proof of their position, only proof of identity. The notarization process is otherwise the same as an individual acknowledgement; the document will be presented to a notary public who will hear declarations from all signatories that they have executed their signatures under free will.

Laws§ 53-509




State of Kansas
County of _________

This instrument was acknowledged before me on __________________ [date] by _____________________________ [name(s) of person(s)] as _________________ [type of authority, e.g., officer, trustee, etc.] of _____________________________ [name of party on behalf of whom instrument was executed].

Title (and Rank)
My appointment expires: ______________________