Indiana Notary Acknowledgement Forms

The Indiana notary acknowledgement forms are notarial certificates which declare that a notary public witnessed the acknowledgement of a signature, thus affirming its authenticity. The forms indicate that the individual who inscribed their signature visited the notary public, sufficiently identified themselves to the notary (if not already known by the notary), and executed a document voluntarily. Various acknowledgement certificates are employed in Indiana; the form chosen by the individual will depend on whether they are signing in their own capacity or on behalf of an individual or entity (e.g., an agent signing for a corporation, an attorney in fact signing for a principal).

Laws § 33-42

Verify a Notary Public –


Indiana Notarial Certificate – Jurat

The Indiana jurat is a certificate attached to or included in an affidavit (a document containing official statements) which confirms the accuracy of the affidavit. A notary public may only execute the certificate if the person...
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