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Arizona Notary Acknowledgement – Individual Known to Notary

The Arizona notary acknowledgement for an individual known to the notary is a statement proving that the signature recorded on a document is valid. When executing the acknowledgement, the signing party must provide a notary public with the acknowledgement form and the instrument being notarized. The notary public will have the individual sign the initial document, or if the item already contains the person’s signature, confirm that the signature is indeed their own.

This notarial certificate is to be used when the signing party is personally known to the notary public. If the notary does not have previous knowledge of the individual’s identity, the notary should instead use the Arizona Notary Acknowledgement – Individual Not Known to Notary which indicates that personal identification was provided by the signer.

Laws – § 33-506



State of Arizona                   )
County of ______________)


The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this ______________ (date) by ______________ (name of person acknowledged).



Signature of Person Taking Acknowledgement


Title or Rank


Serial Number, if any

My Commission Expires: ______________